Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage

First thing: know your Ohms Law.


A fully charged 'vape safe' battery has a maximum capacity of 4.17v and a minimum capacity of 3.02v

The variable voltage / variable wattage devices have a safety chip, that prevents the batteries to drop below the minimum capacity of the battery.

A VV / VW Module is a single, double, triple or quadruple battery powered vaping device that uses circuitry to regulate the output power. It can do this in two ways:

  • By adjusting the voltage.
  • By adjusting the wattage.

These devices have build in protection circuitry to provide safety features to protect the user and/or prevent damage to the device itself. There is a massive variety of types of VV / VW modules. 

The VV / VW mods are controlled by a very small micro processor which allows you to control the variable settings, safety features and secondary features like number of puffs taken, coil resistance, etc. The only important differences are:

  • the types of processors used
  • whether it uses replaceable or internal batteries
  • if those batteries are in a series or a parallel circuit.

Battery placement determines if the microprocessor has to boost the voltage to achieve the desired setting in a parallel circuit or reduce the power to achieve the desired setting in a series circuit.

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