Just a small town girl living In a lonelyyy roadddd…

Just kidding! But no really, I am a girl who lives in Denver, CO. I'm 22 and I  started vaping about 6 ½ years ago. Yes it is true that I was smoking cigarettes but I didn't switch to vaping because of that reason. Yeah cigarettes are super nasty and super unhealthy for you which is why you should switch to vaping if you are a heavy smoker but I switched because I suffered from major depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

When I first started vaping yes I was underage but at that time it was very new to me and I barely did it. When I turned 18 I did get into it more due to my mental state getting worse. I don't remember my first vape but all I remember is that it was a tiny stick pen from a Chinese store in a mall and It broke in about a week. So it your new to vaping go to a real vape store don't go buy some cheap knock off to save money because it won't save you any if it breaks.

I started my Instagram because I was a new photographer and someone mentioned to me that there was such a thing as promoting vaping on social media and still doing your photography. It was definitely a battle!

3 ½ years later I'm at 24k on Instagram influencing thousands of people with the vape products I promote. I will admit it has been a huge battle of bullies, success, and being my own manager but I'm doing it and it's amazing. I turned this into a full time job and on top of that I never thought I would come this far.

Mechs: Some of my favorite mech mods are the Subohminnovations legendary mech mod, the legendary shorty, hyon, and broadside. I have yet to own a broadside but that's a different story 😉

Juices: Some of my favorite juices are fuse from timebomb, sugared nectarine from coastalclouds, green apple from skwezed, watermelon apple from cloudnurdz, thinis from Foggedeliquid

Pod systems: Some of my favorite pod systems are the EQ from Innokintechnology, Breezy from Aspirevape, mione, and the lostart

RDAS/Tanks: I'm definitely an RDA girl but when I'm lazy I'll use a tank! My favorite build is a 22g kanthal 6 wrap that ohms at a .14ish or fused clamptons.

Some of my favorite RDA's are the Goon 1.5, the Kennedy, and the Dot Mod.

For tank wise I am loving the Crown Tank and the tank included in the Lux200 kit from AspireVape.

Setups: Lux200 Aspirevapes, Cartel Revenant

Vaping has saved thousands of people and studies show it could save 6.6 million people who smoke cigarettes. Every life matters. It's hard because the FDA is fighting for vaping to still be banned due to underage kids being influenced and it's now the "trend". The FDA needs to remember and ourselves too that vaping was created to save not ban.

Back in my smoking days I hated it. I just wanted it for the nicotine. I hated the smell,the chemicals ,and the taste of it. Whenever I wanted to go hiking or do the active things I wanted I couldn't due to my lungs giving out but when I switched to vaping it changed me physically and mentally. I go to regular check ups and I am 100% healthy. I can go on hikes without feeling like I'm dying the whole time, it doesn't smell but only fruity since I love me my fruit juices 🥰

I also go to the dentist onna regular basis and mouth has no signs of any cancer and I've been doing this for 6ish years now. Mentally whenever I get a panic attack I can step outside and hit my vape to calm down instead of a cigarette or something worse to help me. So it helps me mentally a lot too. People say vaping will kill but I'm living proof it hasn't or won't.

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