V and V Coils

We were sitting down one day at our kitchen table making some coils to put in a couple of out rda's  and started talking about making coils to sale so we said what the heck why not.. this was in April of 2017.

In June of 2017 we decided to go into business making coils and selling them to friends, locals and a couple of Vape teams we were in touch with on Instgram. It took us about a month before we could come up with a name and then it hit us. Why not call our coil business V&V Coils.

V&V stands for our Instagram names @vaporheadswife and @vaporhead1977. We make our coils by hand, no machines used except for a electric drill only for straightening the wire. Today we sell 10 different sets of coils and even as we speak we are working on expanding our repetoire.

We started making our own coils because we got into using RDA's and RDTA's to get away from tanks. Instead of buying prebuilt coils we thought it would be cheaper to get the wire and jig and come to find out making our own coils was much cheaper and to us it's more personal.

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Richard and Sundi Erwin