E-cigarettes? I had my doubts . It was not very clear to me, because everybody talks about so many methods, that you don't know what to believe. I did not know what to do or what to use, I only knew for certain that I didn't want some sort of candy, any nicotine sprays or patches. I knew that with them I was only going to waste time and money.

One day I woke up and thought: Not one more cigarette. That same day I visited a vape shop nearby and I'm glad I went there. 

They had several starter kits and thousands of e-liquids to try!! I was trying different flavors, but I already knew that I didn't want a heavy flavor, I wanted something light.

That day I bought my very first kit, The Veco One from Vaporesso, the flavor Pinkman from Vampire Vape and I simply loved it! The flavor was the perfect mix between menthol and fruit!!! I got used to vaping quickly and went from cigarettes to vaping very easily!!!

So it was ideal!!! ❤

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