So, my story goes like this.

You are just normal little young girl that goes out, has a few drinks and makes jokes about anything and it's bad but I know, and everyone, you just live and you just do what is natural to you.

But then it all became serious, I started smoking for no reason other that it was cool. All I did was drink and smoke stinks, cigarettes, and suddenly I was addicted, for no reason, because of what? Having fun?
And I smoked and smoked about 3/4 years and then I met a boy who was working in Puffkalica, a Croatian vape shop and we started dating and step by step I was off the stinks because he showed me the world of vaping, all the flavours, mods, tanks and I started vaping, and just by a few weeks I went from the stinks to ecigs and here I am, happilly in a relationship with an amazing vaper who was worried for my health and I am just enjoying life and that's it.

My favorite e-liquid is Heisenberg by Vampire Vape
My favorite mod is DOVPO Topside and my favorite RDA is the Ammit Single RDA.

It was all because of love 😊

Like a fairy tale

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