Have the e-liquid inside

First thing: know your Ohms Law.

Second thing: KNOW YOUR OHMS LAW!!

A fully charged 'vape safe' battery has a maximum capacity of 4.17v and a minimum capacity of 3.02v

Squeeze and vape

A squonk module is a vape mod with a built-in squeeze bottle. This bottle is used to push e-liquid into an atomizer from the bottom. In essence, a squonk module eliminates the need for dripping through the mouthpiece and “transforms” a bottle into a tank section for your RDA. Squeeze the bottle, wait for your wick to saturate, and just vape: this is referred to as squonking!

The most common way to categorize squonk mods is regulated vs. unregulated.

Unregulated squonkers are providing the atomizer with the raw power of the battery depending on the resistance of the build. Users have to build according to their batteries’ safety limits using Ohm’s law and battery safety knowledge. Some of the massively produced unregulated squonk mods come with built-in protections that will prevent shorts and potentially dangerous user errors, but others are in essence mechanical mods and carry no such protections.

Regulated squonk mods come with fully-featured VV / VW chipsets that let the user pick the wattage or voltage they wish to go with. The majority of them come with a wide array of safety features and eliminate most of the concerns regarding battery safety. They are generally considered the safest option when it comes to squonking.

Vaping replaces your nicotine habit.
and replaces the habit of having something in your hand.
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