Hi I'm Ryan, UK Ambassador.
I started smoking around 11 years of age to be part of the in crowd. Smoking whatever I could get my hands on. Going off the rails as most youngsters do 🤣. So got my head straight and joined the armed forces. 3 years in to my service going all over the world, getting my hands on duty free tobacco all the time, so easy and always said I wouldn't go on the e cigs as no good for you (little did I know about them then 🙄). I gave up for 2mths when I was 18 years old, which didn't last long after what I witnessed in the army. So turned back to getting that hit off the dirty roll ups. I did that up until  4 years ago and started using the cheap vape pens but still couldn't kick the habit fully, especially when alcohol was involved. So finally saw the light and bought myself a smok r80 kit which finally got me off the tobacco. From there my obsession to vaping began. I was obessed with mechs and going to the NEC Birmingham vape expo twice a year to meet up with some amazing like minded people and have had a blast seeing all the new products and merch that's out.

My current daily are
Purge slam piece with unicorn rda.
When out and about I like to alternate between lostvape orion q and my pal 2 pod systems I can't leave home without them 😁.

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