IndoorVaper Ambassador

  • Country Teamleader.
  • Actively represent IndoorVaper on Social Media.
  • Actively recruit new members and instruct them on the requirements needed to join.
  • Will be in constant contact with @indoorvaper on new improvements.
  • If issues are addressed by members, the Ambassadors are required to notify @indoorvaper.


Recognition, Reward & Achievements for IndoorVaper Ambassadors:

  • Recruit 1 member for your country to get your country activated on
  • Recruit the first 5 members for your country to become Ambassador for your country and get your story on
  • Recruit 20 members in one single state / province and assign a second Ambassador to help.
  • Recruit 100 members for you to co-decide about But ideas are welcome anytime.


InVaCrew Member

  • Joined via the 3 steps on the homepage of
  • Contacted @indoorvaper and your Ambassador about joining (required).
  • Actively represent IndoorVaper / InVaCrew on Social Media.
  • Refer new members to the homepage steps or Country Ambassador if they wish to join.
  • If you experience any issue please address @indoorvaper directly.


Recognition, Reward & Achievements for InVaCrew Member:

  • Tag and promote IndoorVaper and InVaCrew.
  • If you come across research on vaping, please share it with us, so we can upload it to our Research and / or Bibliography.