Hi, my name is Krystal.

I'm smoke free since March 10, 2013.
I, too, fell for the Gas Station Blu Disposable cigalikes. However, on the advertisement hanging in our local grocery store for them had a logo that said "eliquids created by Johnson Creek" or something. I went home and searched for them and bought the Vea Starter Kit. With it came 5 e-liquids of my choosing. Being a menthol smoker, I chose to try all of the menthol tobacco selections they had, and threw in the Vanda (vanilla) for fun. None of the menthol tobaccos did anything to stop me from wanting a cigarette. But that sweet, vanilla dessert type? It was pleasing at the time. I found my way to ECF, and started learning all I could about vaping. I wanted to be safe, and also find why none of the tobaccos were helping my cravings. I ended up reading about this glorious little Rabbit Hole @aliceinvapeland that only opened its doors for a handful of hours on Tuesday nights.

It was absolutely eye-opening that things could taste so much better and distract me away from cigarettes! Within a few weeks, I found my forever love in White Rabbit, and have never looked back.

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