The main things we want to do:

  • Creating foundation / widespread & public support / acceptance / broad consensus and most of all raise awareness about the alternative for smoking cigarettes.
  • Inform the public about vaping and trigger motivation to quit smoking.
  • Become a world renowned Awareness Organization.
  • Share vape stories from all over the world.
  • Form InVaCrewa worldwide vape family in addition to the Awareness Organization!


Reasons why people vape:

  • It can help you quit smoking. These users often use nicotine holding e-liquids.
  • Recreational. This group just likes to vape and they more often use nicotine free e-liquids.
  • Professional. This group call themselves Cloudchasers, they are more focused on for instance Instagram and performing tricks with the Vapor. These professional Vapers often make money performing tricks and are often sponsored by large Vape companies, and mostly in America.


Also, in the Vape community there kind of is a ‘division’ between the Vapers. You have the Vapers who are actually trying to blow the largest clouds (even competition are being held for this) and the Vapers who purely go for the taste and flavor.


We want people to see that vaping is being held back by and because of:

  • The tobacco industry is threatened by the Vape Module because it is the ONLY REAL! Competitor for cigarettes.
  • The pharmaceutical companies that produce and sell ‘quit smoking’ medication / drugs.
  • Therapy related businesses for quitting smoking
  • Complete countries that actually own tobacco companies
  • But it goes way further than that, think about companies who produce large ashtrays for on sidewalks


We want to show scientific research on Vaping:


If you would like to help or support us, you can do a number of things below:

  • Visit our website to see how you can help
  • Become a partner / sponsor to all worldwide InVaCrew members
  • Quit smoking
  • Place a post or shoutout on your social media accounts to www.indoorvaper.com (or @indoorvaper and @invacrew on Instagram)
  • Do and share found research with us + source reference so we can read it and place it in our bibliography.
  • Share your vape story with us and the world, contact via our social media channels: