I started smoking when I was a teenager and I smoked for eleven years.
When my brother got his first vaping device I started to become interested in vaping, but due to the fact that I was studying I just couldn't afford the initial money to spend on a good device. Then I simply forgot to think about vaping.

After my study I got a new coworker who was vaping and appeared to be a bit experienced in this topic. So after eleven years with those stinky tobacco sticks I cut the rope and started vaping with a Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini with a Cubis Pro atomizer. Since then I'm completely free from cigarettes (atm 2 years, 3 months). My favorite setup is my Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250c with my Vapor Giant Extreme, using my own handmade Ni80 Fused Claptons dual at 0.12 Ohms running on 2mg juice.

I'm really into fruity juices with lots of Coolada. In my Lost Vape Origin I prefer Tobacco and Mint juices at 12-20mg.
I never want to start smoking again and I enjoy the movement of choosing the less harmful alternative to smoking.
Hopefully many more will follow this state of mind!

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