Personal data

IndoorVaper only 'collects' a profile picture to publish on Instagram (@invacrew) and on the website member area ( We ask our members if they would like to share their vape story, this is also published on the website, but no other data is collected and / or stored. We use Telegram to communicate and no telephone numbers are stored.


e-Mail is only asked for private communication and no third-party companies receive these e-mail adresses.


We do collect cookies, but only to improve the experience when visiting this website:

  • Which pages you visit.
  • In which order these pages are visited.
  • The amount of time spent on these pages.
  • What browser is being used to view these pages.
  • In what country / region / state or province the pages are being viewed.
  • With what keywords this website has been found.
  • Which search engine is being used.
  • These cookies are not linked to any personal data.



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