Good day all. My name is Neels. I started smoking after a night out to the club with some friends. At first I said no but after a few drink... whats the worse that could happen right? That was my biggest mistake. Over a time of 8 year I tried so many times to quite. Tried stopping cold turkey tried going of over a period of time but I couldn't shake it.  

I got my first vape on the 26th of May 2017. The Smok AL85. At first it was a big adjustment and I coughed a lot so I decided to put it down. The vape stood standing for months until one day a guy told me to just take the watt down and try again so I did but unfortunately due to the vape standing the liquid got into the device and two weeks later it was done for. Then in April 2018 almost a year later my friend convinced me to try it again with a special that my local vapeshop had going on. I tried once again and yet still I found it hard. Only reason being was because of the work I am doing I could never go for smoke breaks so by the time I got to lunch a quick fix of a cigarette was just easier. Then I convinced my self to try a stronger nicotine but even a 6mg was to much. The guys at the vapeshop then recommended that I should try nicsalts. I then bought myself the Smok Novo pod. That next morning on my may to work I stopped at the shop on the way bought a single cigarette and said to the guy thank you but this will be my last. On the 14th of January 2019 I had my last cigarette. Not long after that the taste in my mouth had improved and I started feeling so much more healthier.

In the end I decided to start my own Instagram page for the simple reason to show the community that it is possible to quit smoking and that there are options. Just because one didn't work doesn't mean it never will. Today I look back and I am thankful as now I can live a smoke free life. I can be around people that smoke without it bothering me even a bit other than the fact that I can't stand that awful smell. 

If you haven't made the switch, you definitely should. It's worth it. My life is better as a vaper than a smoker.

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