Cheers guys and ladys! My name is Florian, Flo for short and I started smoking when Iwas 15 and did that for quite some years. Hence I started smoking more and more cigarettes per day I read some stuff about vaping and watched tons of videos about it. Hearing people say that they feel better after starting to vape and reading positive articles by doctors about it made me buy my first device. Ofcourse it is a hard cut for your body and your mind to switch from what you are used to, to do something different. For me personally it took like a week or two that I just vaped for my body to not want any more cigarettes. (And to be honest, when I now try a cigarette again it’s the worst thing I ever tasted)

I vape since 3 years now and there is so much positive things about it against smoking. It’s cheaper, tastes better, your house and clothing doesn’t stink anymore and for me personally it became a hobby.

Now let’s come to the serious part.

Please. Inform. Yourself. And. Buy. Offline. Atleast do it when you are a beginner. It’s an important subject with important stuff to know. All ahead: this isn’t healthy for you it’s „just“ (up to 95%) healthier than smoking. The other thing is when it comes to devices and liquids. It’s always the much easier way to buy stuff on the internet but hence there is such a big variety of devices and liquids it is definitely better to visit a local store and talk to the employees. These guys know their stuff and are open to your questions. They can easily help you to choose your device and in some cases you can also test liquids in those stores so you don‘t buy a pig in a poke. Try to find one or two (or twenty) liquids you like and stick to them in the beginning, it will help you to get rid of cigarettes much easier than when you torture yourself with disgusting flavors. 

So yeah, that’s basically it :D. Give your best to only vape for 2 weeks without smoking any single cigarette, once you achieved that, the hardest part is behind you and you can focus on what is coming: a life without smoking. A better life. 

Last tip: It helps many people to start off with some smooth and simple liquids like just cherry, or just menthol or just a flavor you just like, I’m sure you’ll find your allday-juice.

If you got any questions you can’t find an answer to or want to join the crew to get some motivating backup, hit us up, we love new people we can flood with information and suggestions! ♥️


Have a good one,


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